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Relocation can mean a lot of things. It can mean a move from one Elizabethtown home to another. It can mean transferring to Kentucky to start a new job with one of Hardin County's growing industries. Or it can even mean coming from overseas to begin a new assignment at Fort Knox. Your new home will probably mean new schools, new churches in Elizabethtown new shopping places, doctors, restaurants, leisure activities, and one hundred other things. That's why you're going to need a good Elizabethtown Realtor and a good friend. Each of our agents has a strong background in Kentucky realty and an even stronger background in our community. We'll help you make a smooth transition into your new Central Kentucky home and your new way of life. Contact us if you are considering a move to Elizabethtown, Fort Knox, Radcliff, Glendale, Hodgenville, or anywhere else in Hardin or LaRue County. Melloan Real Estate was established in March 1995 by Joni Melloan, who had already been working with Kentucky real estate for many years. She brought together a leading team of business professionals for the specific purpose of providing the highest quality Kentucky real estate services, both residential and commercial. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the people who choose us to handle their most important financial transactions--buying and selling property. Melloan Real Estate's real estate agents are deeply rooted in Kentucky. We live here. Our children benefit from the outstanding schools in our area. Our families own and operate other businesses here in Hardin County. Elizabethtown, Kentucky, is our home and we are committed to making positive contributions that help make E'town, Radcliff, Fort Knox, and all of Hardin County even better. Elizabethtown offers families a full spectrum of medical services including many excellent physicians in Elizabethtown.


Leading Kentucky Realtors associated with Melloan Real Estate include Joni Melloan, Johnny Melloan, Jane Clifford, Saundra Pelley, Brent Robinson, James Williams, and Tony Singer. Professional affiliations include membership in the Heart of Kentucky Association Board of Realtors. Joni Melloan currently serves on the Professional Standards Committee of the Kentucky Association of Realtors and has previously served as director, secretary, and on various committees including the Multiple Listing Service. Computerized access to information about all properties listed for sale in our market is available through our participation in the Multiple Listing Service. We can quickly provide customers with up-to-date prices and features of all available property listings, not just those in our office.

James Williams, a local home builder, is also a member of the Melloan team. Whether you are purchasing a new home or planning a new construction project, contact us. We can help you make a good decision.

Our approach is simple:

  1. "We pay close attention to the business details that make transactions run smoothly, and the personal details that help reduce the stress that can be associated with buying and selling property."
  2. "Leadership is earned and we are pleased to have achieved a position as one of the area's leading real estate companies."


We are regularly chosen by numerous Elizabethtown industries and companies (including Hardin Memorial Hospital) and Fort Knox (a Kentucky military base and home of the famous gold vault) to handle the needs of employees who are moving from all over the United States to settle right here in Kentucky. Our clients are typically excited about the move: after all, Elizabethtown is a great place to live.

Feel free to ask us about our business volume. Our reputation is solid. We will be glad to give you references of satisfied customers, people from area financial institutions, or you may even want to talk with our competitors. We are proud of our working relationship with those in our profession and throughout the Hardin County business community.


Selling your home in today's marketplace is serious business. It's competitive. It requires knowledge of financing options. It's a job that gets done more efficiently when you have a Realtor who combines professional business expertise with personal attention to your particular needs. We are by design a locally operated, independent realt estate company with agents who work together as a team. We help each other because that is the best way that we can help you. Each agent becomes familiar with all of our listings. Very simply, we are small enough to keep close track of what is going on with our sellers. You may be asking how we can offer the resources you need to effectively market your home. By embracing technology we maintain a large presence in the real estate market. You are experiencing a part of what we offer right now as you travel through our web site. The bottom line is that we consistently maintain an impressive share of the local market. We have a strong record of success when it comes to bringing buyers and sellers together.

Here's what we do when people contact us about selling their house.


We do research to see how your home compares with similar homes that have sold, as well as those that are currently on the market. This lets us show you a listing price range that is reasonable for your house. With this information you will be able to make an informed decision about the price you decide to ask. Advertising and Marketing Plan: When you list with us, your home receives maximum exposure through our multi-phase advertising and marketing efforts. Johnny Melloan coordinates this program. He has over 25 years experience in advertising and radio, having owned his own video production company and advertising agency for over 20 years.

This is what we offer to sellers:

  1. All homes are advertised on the Internet.
    The world wide web is world-wide; it stretches beyond Elizabethtown, beyond Hardin County, beyond Kentucky, even beyond the United States. It stretches all over the world to reach those who may be making the move to our area. Each listing is put on the following websites:
  2. All homes are advertised in the News-Enterprise, the most popular Hardin County, Kentucky, daily publication. Every Friday our listings are placed in the newspaper's real estate section.
  3. All homes are advertised in the Central Kentucky Homes Magazine. This monthly magazine is widely distributed in central Kentucky stores, motels, restaurants and other businesses in the community. We also advertise in the Fort Knox Homes magazine (Ft. Knox Homes Magazine).


All homes are entered into the Multiple Listing Service of the Heart of Kentucky Association of Realtors. This means that every licensed Realtor can show your home. We have a very positive relationship with other agents and companies throughout Hardin County and greater Kentucky. There are many other competent and capable real estate agents in our community and we value and appreciate their efforts in showing and selling property that we have listed. MLS is a vital tool in selling property. It is one of the most important reasons to list your property with a Realtor.


You deserve our service and we deserve your business. We've spent years earning. And we're confident that your first experience in buying or selling property with Melloan Real Estate won't be your last.