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3 Questions for people wondering if now is the time to buy a home

People ask us almost every day whether now is a good time to buy a home. In most instances, they’re
hoping to get an answer that relates to things like available inventory of homes, home prices, and interest
rates. But in reality, there is very little we can tell them they don’t already know. The inventory of single
family homes is lower than we would prefer. Home prices and interest rates are higher than we have come
to expect. So here are three questions you should ask if buying a home is on your radar. They are
questions you can answer, and once you answer them you will be able to decide for yourself if now is the
time to buy.

  1. Knowing that thousands of families will be moving to our area in the next couple of years with the
    Blue Oval SK battery park, is it likely that there will be more or less homes available for me to
  2. With inflation continuing to be a problem, is it likely that interest rates are going to drop
    significantly in the next 2-3 years?
  3. Recognizing the growth taking place in our community, are local home prices likely to drop, stay
    the same, or get higher?
    Your answers should give you a good direction on whether or not you need to start looking for a home.
    When you’re ready to start looking, please contact us. Our trusted Realtors have the experience and
    community knowledge that will help you successfully navigate through the process.

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