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Rineyville Real Estate

You may like the idea of living in the country, with space around you. But you also like the idea of having neighbors who are close enough to keep you from feeling disconnected. Your solution may be found in the subdivisions found near Rineyville. Rineyville has neighborhoods that are surrounded by farms. What you’ll find are homes on lots that are around an acre or larger that back up to farms. In the front of homes there is a nice street where you can take a safe, pleasant walk in the afternoon. In the back, your deck overlooks a farm. You get the best of both worlds.

Convenience is another advantage people enjoy when they live in the Rineyville area. The drive north to Fort Knox is about the same as the drive south to Elizabethtown. Many Rineyville addresses are within a five minute drive of many restaurants in Elizabethtown and Radcliff. Schools are important to people in Rineyville. Rineyville Elementary School, which is one of the newest school buildings in the county, is recognized for its strong academic values. Strong community oriented schools are an important part of life in Hardin County.

Price is an important part of the home-hunting process. Since land prices tend to be lower in the country, home prices in Rineyville are very competitive. We suggest that you keep your home search parameters relatively wide in the beginning. By doing so, you will avoid missing homes that might be just what you have in mind.